Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mySysGit and Pik -- Git and RVM for Windows


1) mySysGit - Git for Windows:


Git is almost inseparable from Rails as they both go hand in hand. The Rails development process suddenly becomes professional, managed and easy with Git. To get it working on windows, we need a windows version of Git i.e. mySysGit.

Watch the video below on installing and using Git On Windows from then just download and install mySysGit from




2) Pik – RVM for Windows:


If you would like to manage multiple versions of ruby on windows, just download the latest pik-0.2.8.msi from and install it.

Pik is an excellent windows tool by Gordon Thiesfeld in the place of Ruby Version Manager (RVM). You can find more about pik on Github at and try installing ree and ruby 1.8.7 along with 1.9.2 with ‘pik add’ command.

 >pik add C:\ruby\IronRuby-091\bin
Adding: 091: IronRuby on .NET
Located at: C:/ruby/IronRuby-091/bin

If pik is not working, you may need to add path to your installed directory in Windows enviroment by following this guide. Assuming, the directory C:\bin is in my path: