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Getting ActiveX contents on Mozilla, Firefox or Opera !!!!‏

Getting ActiveX contents on Mozilla, Firefox or Opera !!!!

Although Internet Explorer holds a majority of the browser market for ActiveX websites this plug-in provides flexibility of running any choice of browser. Most of the site is accessible from any browser that supports basic style sheets. Users of Mozilla, Firefox, or Opera should be able to read our pages fine, and should also be able to load previous test results or view results that are sent to them through our TechExpress feature.

Until recently, Internet Explorer has been required for any tests performed on the site. Our tests use ActiveX technology, which has only been supported on Internet Explorer. However, Meadco makes a plug-in called Neptune that can be used to run ActiveX controls from non-IE browsers, including Mozilla or Opera. This can let most non-IE browsers run the tests.

There are a few things you should know about Neptune. It is a free download available from MeadCo does require you do provide a name and email address before downloading the file. In addition, the installation process is not simple for most browsers, you must find and move the plug-in to its correct location.

If you want to give it a try, download this and copy it to the browser's /plugins folder or follow the long procedure below on how to install Neptune:

1. Go to the the MeadCo site, where you will need to fill out a form and accept their license i.e.

2. Carefully note the instructions at the MeadCo site for installing the plugin. The process is not automatic for most browsers, and you will need to perform some manual steps to install the plug-in.

3. For Mozilla and Firefox, after you download the Neptune file you can proceed one one of two ways. If you have WinZip, you can open the .exe file download with WinZip and extract the npmeadax.dll file to the browser's /plugins folder. Otherwise, run the .exe file, search for npmeadax.dll and move it to the browser's /plugins folder.

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