Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cut & Paste in Mac OS X


As recently, I started working with Mac and at once realized that a simple functionality was missing in the Snow Leopard OS X Finder, and that’s Cut & Paste. With googling I found this app, moveAddict which solves this basic problem for free. This means you no longer have the hassle to arrange the two windows and drag n’ drop the item to accomplish the feat.

moveAddict provides a systemwide menu, Finder-window toolbar buttons, and customizable keyboard shortcuts for cutting and pasting files—along with a few useful extras.



MoveAddict provides cut and paste commands in the menu bar (left) and in Finder-window toolbars (right); you can also use keyboard shortcuts.


  • It works with the usual keyboard shortcuts for cut and paste (cmd-x/cmd-v) as default.
  • A notification window and Finder file labels provide user-friendly feedback at every stage.
  • Original data remains untouched until the move gets safely registered by the Finder.
  • moveAddict does not modify the Mac system in any way, it is just a small (5 MB) application.
  • Hide moveAddict’s icon which will only show again when you cut a file.

The free version can only move one item at a time and doesnot have the feature of merging folders priced $4.99.

Download moveAddict