Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No waiting on

As a free user, you have to wait for some time in order to download from youtube. I've already given the solution for this in my previous post (Rapidshare Download No Waiting) where you downlaod by inspecting the element. This is a bookmarklet which you click when you're ready to download.
RapidShare AutoWait
No more waiting on
No staring at the clock.
No expired sessions.
No cost.

How to use this bookmarklet:
  1. Bookmark the following link (add it to your favorites): Rapidshare Autowait
  2. When RapidShare shows you the countdown timer, click the newly created bookmark.
  3. Go do something else without worry.
  4. The instant it is possible, you will get a download prompt.

IMPORTANT: Internet Explorer Users
For this bookmarklet to be helpful, you should permit automatic download prompts.
Tools menu > Internet Options item > Security tab > Custom Level button
> Downloads group > Enable "Automatic prompting for file downloads"

The RapidShare AutoWait bookmarklet does not eliminate the time delay; But it does eliminate your wait by letting you leave RapidShare's download page without worry. often forces "free users" to wait for a period of time before it is possible to download a file.

This forces users to either watch the count down timer, or leave the page hoping to return later.

Leaving the page comes with problems. Besides the mental distraction this causes, users are likely to return either too early or after a much longer wait than necessary.

Worst of all, if a user waits too long, the session will expire, causing the download to be canceled. The user is then forced to wait again.

SOLUTION: The AutoWait bookmarklet lets you leave RapidShare's download page with no worry.

• No worry that you will forget to return.
• No worry that you will wait longer than necessary.


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