Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Embed full Internet Explorer functionality in non-IE browsers

So, Microsoft uses ActiveX and Silverlight in its websites and browser. That means Microsoft is making silverlight a competitor for adobe flash plugins by using it in all its websites (udates and like). So, what if Internet Explorer is not the browser of your choice and you have to browse activex enabled pages. Then, here's the solution.

MeadCo's Neptune is a 100% Netscape-compatible plug-in which hosts Microsoft's WebBrowser control. It will work when embedded in documents rendered by WebKit-based browsers such as Safari for Windows 3.0 and Google Chrome, Opera 4.0 – 9.x and any Gecko-based browser such as Firefox and Mozilla, running on any Windows platform with Microsoft's underlying web componentry integrated. Windows 2000 / Windows NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 4.0 core install is the minimum requirement.

Neptune can be thought of as gateway through which to launch Windows and Internet Explorer-specific web content from non-IE browsers.

MeadCo has developed Neptune to allow its products Zeepe, ScriptX and Security Manager to be deployed consistently right across a publisher's or organisation's Windows client base, even in cases where Microsoft Internet Explorer is not the browser of choice.

However the use of Neptune is not constrained to the deployment of MeadCo's products. Any Internet Explorer-specific DHTML content and/or ActiveX control will work in Neptune, limited only by the version of the underlying WebBrowser control.

First download the file from below as its free for single user requiring your e-id for download counts only.

Then, check if you can view Microsoft's Windows Update site shown embedded here. with other browsers beside IE or You can also check out these Neptune-embedded ScriptX 'Techie' printing and MeadCo's ScriptX homepage examples.


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